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Fansite Picks | Haunted House Week Items
Friday, October 21, 2011 / 8:05 PM 0 comments

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Yesterday saw the arrival of the third selection of Halloween goodies to get your grubby grave digging mits on in the form of The Sims Social Haunted House Week. This time around we only have 41 items to work towards purchasing and to choose from. Also in comparison to The Ultimate Horror Movie Week and Vampires Vs Werewolves Week all round it's a pretty weak week for The Sims Social content. What has changed is the way the Special Items and normal items are differentiated, with the Special Items having the usual green background usually costing SimCash, high Social Points or Skill Items and the normal Items just plain white.

As we said previously, it's not a fantastic week this week for new items. Apart from the 'Fansite Picks' there really isn't anything necessary to purchase. First to make the list is The Haunted Organ Skill Item, and the most expensive thing this week at 7500 Simoleons, but it's an essential buy as you can Level Up your Skills, it has some groovy animations and music and will raise your 'Fun' need too. Like the other previous Haunted Skill Items, once completed you get a Gold Inferno Version. If you like the Medieval look in your The Sims Social home then the 'Trans-Van Turn' will have you turning in your grave at a very reasonable 2000 Social Points, it's eerily beautiful.

If you follow The Sims Social Fansite religiously then you will have read a lot about The L. Simnovorii Cow Plant. To be honest we don't know where you will put it once Halloween comes to a close but for the mean time it has loads of interactions, it raises 'Social' and 'Fun' need and it's only 500 Social Points. It was previously 300 Social Points as an early bird price on Wednesday, which is what we think they are going to do from now on, as in providing one item from the new selection for cheaper on the day before the new content drop.

The 'Trans-Van Spinechill' is a spooky fridge designed as a coffin, we love the design, it's only 2500 Simoleons and will raise your House Value by +2000. Last but not least, the 'Trans-Van Pew' that we previewed yesterday. If you are looking to create a royal abode for your Sim, we think this will last after Halloween with the right decoration to support it, it's a very small 800 Social Points. Bargain!

What do you think of The Haunted House Week Items? Do think agree with us that they are lacking from previous Halloween weeks? Are our 'Fansite Picks' to your taste? Which have you bought? You can answer these questions through our Facebook Page, Twitter, Forum or in the Comments below.

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